Having a workout buddy is in these days. It’s an awesome way to keep yourself motivated and help push yourself to the next level.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering a working out with a partner.


Who are they?

Are they your significant other, who you see every day, or your friend who lives on the other side of town? If you see your workout partner once a week, it’s not going to work. Make sure they are someone who you can consistently work out with.



Are you available to work out at times that are convenient for both of you? If you both work 9-5, then you know you have the evenings for your workouts, but if one of you has an erratic schedule, it may not be so easy to coordinate. Have a plan for when you are forced to work out by yourself. Maybe you’ll schedule a yoga or spin class for those days when you are on your own, or perhaps that can be your rest day.


Fitness levels

If one of you is severely out of shape but the other is sprite as a bee and light on their feet, you may run into issues. Either the workout will be too tough for the beginner, or too easy for the seasoned fitness nut. At the end, the beginner may be left unable to move for about three days post workout, or the fit individual may be left feeling like they just did a warm-up. Be honest with yourselves and where you are and perhaps you can choose exercises that can be modified for the beginner, but still intense enough to get the advanced person the burn they are seeking. Or, if you decide to go with a tough workout, pace yourself if you’re a beginner so you don’t push yourself too hard too soon.



This is a big one, and I speak from personal experience! Even if you know you’re able to match your schedules and you are both at the same fitness level, it can all fall apart if one of you feels like they need to dominate the other. After I started going to school for personal training, I felt like I now needed to dump my new found enlightenment onto my poor husband, constantly correcting and nagging him that he wasn’t pushing himself enough. The result? He stopped working out with me altogether. I learned the hard way that maybe it’s not a good idea to personal train everyone!  So do your own thing, and if you correct each other, make sure the other person welcomes your feedback.


Length of your workout

Before you begin, establish how long your workout will be and make sure it is realistic. If you are not realistic here you are only setting yourself up to fail, because you won’t be able to commit to what you said you would do. It’s ok to start with half an hour workouts and increase them to one hour once they are established as part of your schedules. A shorter workout is better than nothing and it is more likely to be manageable for both you and your workout buddy.

Figured all this stuff out? Then you’re all set!


About me

Irina Almasan

Irina Almasan

After being skinny unfit for the majority of my life, I discovered fitness by accident after having my daughter. A couple of years later, I started Tone Every Zone out of an overwhelming desire to help other busy individuals juggle a hectic lifestyle while staying active. My mission is to teach people about fitness and work with them as a team to make long lasting lifestyle changes. My personal values include being professional, honest and transparent in all of my doings but also being funny and silly because that’s what makes life (and your training sessions) fun! To learn about how I can help you reach your fitness goals, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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