What can I expect during my sessions?

Here’s how my approach is unique, and what to expect from working with me.

  • I don’t believe in extreme fitness. That will only get you injured, and you want to be doing this for the long term. That doesn’t mean your workouts won’t offer you challenge – they just won’t be the extreme challenge type!
  • I am very methodical and I like to slow things down. This might be new to you if you’re used to high intensity classes, or high energy workouts. When you slow things down, you really have the opportunity to pay attention to what the body is doing. Many injuries come from areas of weakness in the body. In turn, the body starts to use incorrect muscles to compensate.
  • You get a training log with all of your workouts – TO KEEP! You get to keep everything we do together (workouts, handouts, recipes) so you can refer to them whenever you want!
  • I believe in education. You will learn: why we are doing certain exercises, and why in that order; breathing techniques; proper posture and form; what muscles you are working; “good pain” vs “bad pain”
  • I do what I say I’m going to do – because so many people don’t! If I say I’ll email you your workout, I will. If I say I will follow up with you on a certain day, I will. If I promise to bring a handout to our next session, I will. If you ask me a question, I’ll find the answer.


How can I get the most out of my sessions?

By signing up to work with me, you are making a commitment to change, and to improve certain areas of your life. Not to mention a financial investment. I want you to be successful and get what you came for. Here are some ways you can ensure success.

  • Think about how you can make room in your schedule to exercise and move your body in a way that fits your lifestyle. This can be a combination of our sessions together, and activities you do on your own. A minimum of 3 times per week is recommended, but coming up with something consistent and that you can stick to long term is all that matters
  • You are coming to me to make changes. If you are not willing to make changes and to prioritize our work together, or if your schedule does not allow it, then the timing is not right for you to make this commitment.
  • I require regular feedback and check-ins to hold you accountable. I will be messaging you as needed after certain workouts to see how you’re doing, and it’s important that you check in with your body and provide me with updates.
  • I expect you to be accountable for your choices. I can only control what you do during our sessions together. I will give you the programs and tools to make you successful, but it is up to you, and only you, to follow them.


Which package should I go with?

This is completely your choice to make, depending on your goals.

The Teaser package is excellent for people who are looking to get a boost to an existing exercise program.

The Determined and Go-Getter packages are perfect for clients who are just starting out, aren’t sure where to begin, and need the time and guidance to learn and build strength. Both The Determined & The Go-Getter packages include program updates and (for those who seek it) nutrition guidance. The Go-Getter package is the best price point and the optimal number of sessions for us to explore a multitude of aspects of fitness for a well-rounded experience.


How many times per week should I train with you?

Again, this is your choice to make, based on your schedule and finances. I do have a  minimum commitment of once per week, to ensure that learning and growing is happening. Seeing me twice or three times a week will certainly accelerate your progress, but it is not mandatory or required for you to see results.

All of my clients see results and learn, regardless of session frequency.


Ready to start your personal training journey?

Yes! Let’s get started!