We’re all busy – that is a fact of life. And sometimes it may feel like being busy and eating healthy  are mutually exclusive. I strongly feel that does not need to be the case – especially in a city such as Vancouver.

So skip your McDonald’s lunch and check out some of my go-to options for healthy eating when life gets in the way


Eating on the go? Here’s what you need to know!

People overly complicate things when it comes to food: your body needs protein, fats and carbs and no food fad is going to change that!

Regardless of whether you are eating at home or at your favorite lunch time joint, here are some rough guidelines:

  • Veggies should cover roughly half your plate
  • Meats and alternatives should be about ¼ of your plate
  • Grains such as rice, quinoa, etc (ie fiber rich stuff) should fill the remaining ¼.

Here are some of the options I turn to if I have to eat out:

  • Sushi (#1 on my list) – no deep fried stuff, just fish or veggie rolls
  • Places that allow me to customize my meal (Tractor, Whole Foods, Freshii, etc) – which allows me to ensure I get enough carbs and protein, and also pick my portion size so I’m not over-eating.
  • Sandwiches/Paninis – I just love anything grilled! I make sure to go for the veggie heavy option

A word on salads: Many people default to salads when they eat out, as it seems like the healthy thing to do. But be wary of hidden empty calories: fat and sugar in the dressing, raisins and cranberries, etc. Plus, remember that salads are still carbs! So if you are going the salad option, add some chicken or shrimp to get more of a balanced meal. And stick to simple balsamic dressings.

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Meal delivery

While pizza might seem like the default when you think of “delivery”, it turns out there are healthier options out there now!

We recently experimented with a meal delivery service called Alka Kitchen (www.alka.kitchen) – a company committed to providing healthy vegetarian meals for those weeks when life just gets in the way.

Their system is simple: you select a package from their meal plan, then wait for your meal to be delivered.

Here are a couple of the awesome and delicious meals we enjoyed:

Eat healthy: A great meal from Alka Kitchen

Pasta with mixed veggies; mixed beans salad with balsamic vinaigrette; Tofu and okra stir fry

Eat healthy: A great vegetarian meal from Alka Kitchen

Stir fried rice; spring rolls; Tofu and veggie mix, and a salad with peanut-based dressing

To be honest, having meals delivered to your door feels a little bit like cheating! But I was so impressed with how filling the meals were and how they totally tasted like a home-cooked meal! Highly recommend!


Shop at local businesses!

Local businesses understand that people are busy but don’t want to compromise their health in the process. They also truly care about making their products really healthy.

This month I tried some soups and salads from Simply Delish Soups and Salads, a local business from Langley, BC. What I loved most about the products was their versatility: add a few different ingredients next time and you have a completely different meal! With a delicious dinner and lots of left-overs for next day, I was a happy mama! You can purchase their products online, but I generally pick them up at Donald’s Market here in New West.

Eat healthy: Chowder Lovers Chowder soup from Simply Delish Soups and Salads

Chowder Lovers Chowder soup

Eat healthy: Thai Coconut Lemongrass soup from Simply Delish Soups and Salads

Thai Coconut Lemongrass soup

Farmers markets!

Farmers markets are an excellent source of fresh healthy meals. With amazing baking, fresh fruit and veggies, there is something for everyone! Check out this website for a full listing of farmers markets around Vancouver. And if you’re thinking they can be a bit pricey, it’s true, they can be – but remember you are supporting local business trying to make a difference and a living, not a big corporation.


A final word

At the end of this post, I would like to draw you back in and remind you that meal prepping and planning is the ultimate way of taking control of what goes into your body, as well as keeping your weight in check. The ideas above are meant to be used sparingly but I provided them because I still want you to be healthy even when life gets in the way. Now go out there and eat the good stuff! 😉

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