My clients often ask: “What should I do between our sessions? How do I keep the learning going?” Cue the Tone Every Zone Virtual Studio!

The Virtual Studio is a collection of professionally edited routines meant to complement the one-on-one personal training sessions we do together.

 The routines in the Virtual Studio focus on key aspects of fitness such as core activation, glute engagement, balance & flexibility.



Based on your goals as well as area that we discover need extra attention, I would “assign” a routine for you to practice on your own, in addition to our training sessions. We continue to add virtual routines as needed to keep the learning going, and for variety

The Tone Every Zone Virtual Studio is included with all personal training packages, at no extra cost!

Just another way I ensure my clients are taken care of during our sessions, as well as in between! 🙂


Check out my personal training packages using the link below, and if you’re ready to get started, get in touch by filling out my Needs Assessment.


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