Together, we work on re-connecting with the body and understanding the brain-muscle connection, which in turn ensures exercises are done with correct muscles and impeccable technique. We focus on core strength, posture, cardio endurance, building muscle strength, and anything else my clients are curious to explore.

My clients come to me because they are looking for a no BS, no fad, and sustainable approach to movement and exercise that is about steady progress, rather than intense bursts that die off after the first few weeks or leave them injured.


My story

Personal trainer New WestminsterUnlike many personal trainers out there, I was not always fit. I’m not a former athlete and I didn’t do sports all my life.

In fact, I spent most of my life eating really unhealthy food and not gaining an ounce: I was what I call “skinny unfit”.

I only got into fitness 9 years ago, after having my daughter, when my husband persuaded me to do an extreme home-based exercise program called P90X. We had no idea what we were doing; we were just happy to be in the game.

As we kept doing the program and the workouts, I started becoming curious about why we were doing certain exercises, and why in that order. It bothered me that I didn’t understand.

It bothered me so much that I went back to school to get my personal training certificate. Then I started Tone Every Zone.

A couple of years later I made a full career switch, from working as a marketing project manager for a large biotech company, to focusing on being a personal trainer. I have not looked back on my decision since.

I take great pride in the work I do, and I am grateful that my clients open up their lives to me. My joy comes from seeing the “light-bulb moments” my clients get when they reconnect with their bodies and feel their muscles working; the twinkle in their eyes when do things they didn’t think they could; and the pride on their faces when they attempt something they didn’t have the confidence to try before.

Here is a short video that summarizes my approach and philosophy when it comes to fitness.

Personal training in the gym


  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)
    • Major: Biochemistry
    • Minor: English Language
  • BCRPA-Registered Personal Trainer
  • First Aid/CPR with AED Level C certified

Continuing education, courses & workshops:

  • Breathing: It’s not just exhaling on exertion
  • The physiology of inactivity
  • Life coaching skills to inspire your clients
  • Weight loss stalls dissected
  • Why sugar is killing you
  • Resistance training modalities and periodization
  • All about your friend: fat
  • Injury risk reduction strategies for trainers


  • Nominee: 2019 “Entrepreneur under 40” New Westminster Chamber of Commerce Platinum Awards
  • Keynote speaker: 2019 YMCA Fitness Day
  • Award Recipient: 2019 Just Pros Toastmasters “Rookie of the Year”
  • Presenter: BC Fit 2020 virtual conference
  • Wellness Champion Finalist: 2020 New Westminster Platinum Awards

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