Personal training gallery

Fitness is about movement, and it’s about having fun. Whether you’re doing it on your own, with your partner, or in a group, the key is to keep moving.

My role as a fitness coach is to instill this kind of mentality in you, as my client. I want you to think of fitness as more than just “the gym”.

This is a collection of the variety of activities my clients and I have done over the years. We change ourselves, and we create long lasting memories in the process.

My clients asked if we could do a group activity. So we all went on a hike

Helen, enjoying a workout with a view



Testimonials - couple training

Kare and Randy, stretching it out in the gym after their couple’s session

Kathy, after her first ever 5km race

Kathy and myself, after her first ever 5km race. We ran the race together

Casey side planking in Queen's Park

Casey, side planking at the fitness circuit in Queen’s Park, New West

With Hermann and Beatriz, doing what they call “elbow exercise” aka drinking

















With Randy and Kare, learning how to use TRX

Me and Kathy, after our hike at Minnekhada Provincial Park