In fitness, too much emphasis is being placed on extreme exercise, heavy lifting and fast movements. Some believe it’s the only way to get strong, which is simply not true. Instead, it leads to pain, injury, and incorrect movement patterns.

Throughout our journey together, we will take a different approach and focus on the foundation: core; posture; slowing things down; feeling the muscles that are working; building the brain-muscle connection.

You will learn about:

  • how to engage the deep core (and what those muscles feel like)
  • breathing, and why it’s so important
  • your body’s limits (when you can push, and when you need to slow things down)
  • correct movement patterns so you don’t get hurt when you exercise
  • how to figure the appropriate weight when doing strength training
  • and much more!

Yes, we will be working out (of course!). And we will do so while emphasizing, and learning about, all of the above.

It’s time to leave the extreme stuff behind and build a strong foundation for success!

Explore my personal training packages in more detail , using the links below.

Note: I am a mobile personal trainer. Due to the COVID-19 situation, I am currently doing a combination of virtual, outdoor, and in-home sessions (abiding by physical distancing rules and the comfort level of my clients). Prior to us starting together, we will discuss which option(s) would work best for you.

The Tone Every Zone Virtual Studio

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One-on-one personal training

If you’re looking for personal training focused on building core, strength & cardio endurance, while creating a sustainable, long-term habit...
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Partner personal training

Thinking of exercising with a friend, or your partner? Great idea! Partner training is a fantastic way to keep yourself...
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