Gift baskets, fancy chocolates from across the world, alcohol galore, amazing dinners, work parties, family get-togethers – plus the time to enjoy it all! Who doesn’t love the holiday season!

It’s very easy to just say “screw it” and feel like all your hard work during the year is about to go to waste one delicious piece of turkey at a time but it turns out there are lots of things you still can do to not feel that way.

So, without further delay – here is your complete guide to surviving the holiday madness (ahem, eating!) and not getting fat.

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Ready? Set? Stop!

Never has portion control been more important! Remember, when it comes to healthy eating, you want to stop when you’re no longer hungry. If you are feeling stuffed at the end of your meal – you overate.

So eat slow, enjoy every bite and dig in!


Keep working out!

Fitness goals and personalityShould you stop working out because all hope is lost? Absolutely not! In fact, Christmas is precisely why you should work out! Workouts will burn all those calories that you stuffed your face with.

Sounds like a pretty important thing to keep doing if we are going to gobble up huge deserts, doesn’t it?



Make a list when you go shopping

Make a shopping list

The other day I walked into Save on Foods and they were selling a one meter long Kinder chocolate bar.

I almost fainted. Temptation at its max!

Eventually I only bought a couple of things. The secret is not just self control – it’s making a list and checking it twice. Write a list of things you need to buy and stick to it as much as you can when you hit the stores!



Remember your fruits and veggies

Green beans

This one might sound obvious, but it’s so easy to forget this time of year! Fruits and veggies will give you important vitamins and are an excellent balance to all that sugar! So when you’re enjoying your Christmas and New Year’s dinner, add a salad to your plate too!

Helpful tip: if you are visiting someone, ask if you can bring something to share. And bring a salad, or some fruit for dessert. Not only does it take some pressure off the host, but it will make you look good because you thought to bring something healthy to the table!





Drink your water!

Drink your water!

Water has 0 calories and is a crucial nutrient when it comes to our well-being! Over the holidays, alcohol (in its many forms) becomes the beverage of choice for most people. So here is a reminder to drink your water!

A healthy adult needs ~2L of liquids per day – and no, I don’t mean wine 😉




Keep junk food for dessert!

That way you fill your belly with actual food before you dig into sugary stuff! This one is especially important for kids, who want nothing else than sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner around this time of year. It can be tough to manage!

Hide the junk food and don’t let them see it until the meal is over. And that goes for you too!

– THAT’S IT! –

So there you go – your complete guide to surviving the holidays and not get fat! Follow the tips above and you will have a better chance of keeping your weight in check this season! Now go out there and enjoy your holidays!

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