It takes a lot of work to get someone started on a fitness regime in a way that is safe and effective, and I don’t like to cut corners.

I’m not the trainer who shows up to a session and you never hear from them until next time. Instead, I work hard to give you all the tools you need to succeed. So yes, I will spend extra time finding an answer for you, emailing you that thing, putting together a handout, brainstorming ideas, or reaching out to my network of professionals, if that means you’re better equipped to reach your goals.

Translation: I work with you during our sessions, and for you outside of our sessions!


My unique approach:

  • I only work with a few clients at a time
    • Because I dive so deep into someone’s health and wellness, I never have more than 10 clients in my practice.
    • This means I won’t sacrifice quality of service because I need to see 50 clients to make ends’ meet! You really are getting what you paid for!
  • We stay in touch between sessions
    • I follow up with you the day after your workouts to see how you’re doing
    • I’m your resource: you can message me at any time with questions
    • I will message you at various times to make sure you’re staying on track
  • You get a training log with all of your workouts – TO KEEP!
    • I want to empower you to work out on your own
    • You get to keep everything we do together (workouts, handouts, recipes) so you can refer to them whenever you want!
  • I will coach you beyond just fitness
    • I believe that all aspects of your life contribute to your overall sense of happiness
    • I have access to a nutritionist and a life coach to get answers to your pressing non-workout related questions
  • I believe in educating you
    • You will learn why we are doing certain exercises
    • You will learn breathing techniques
    • You will understand proper posture and form
    • You will learn what muscles you are working
    • You will learn to distinguish “good pain” from “bad pain”
  • I do what I say I’m going to do – because so many people don’t!
    • If I say I’ll email you your workout, I will
    • If I say I will follow up with you on a certain day, I will
    • If I promise to bring a handout to our next session, I will
    • If you ask me a question, I’ll find the answer
  • I am there to make your workouts fit your life! 
    • “I’m traveling – can I get a simple workout with no weights?” YES!
    • “I stand a lot at work. Could you build me a 10min sequence that I could do while standing?” YES!
    • “I want to move beyond the gym – can we do something in the park?” YES!
    • “I don’t feel 100% today, can we do something easier?” YES!

Ready to work with me?


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