If you’re looking to maximize your training time, it’s go big or go home! Intensity is key – make no mistake if you’re going to do a short workout it needs to be INTENSE!

These 7 moves are guaranteed to get your heart and lungs working, make you sweat, elicit a huge caloric burn – and best of all, you can finish all these exercises in less than 15 minutes! Oh, and did I mention you need very minimal equipment? You can even do these moves in your living room!

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  • yoga mat
  • 5lb dumbbells
  • water
  • towel

Time: 15min

Workout: 2 sets; 1min/exercise

Ready? Set? Workout on!


Push-up with side plank

Starting in plank, perform a push-up. Come back to plank then stack the feet and reach one arm into the air. Hold the side plank for a couple of seconds before coming back to plank, performing another push-up and a side plank on the other side. This move can also be done on the knees (make sure to fold the mat to protect your knees)

              Push-up side arm balance                                    Push up side arm plank on the knees

Lunge with shoulder press

Holding your dumbbells at shoulder height, take one step forward bending the back knee to get into a lunge position. Then, bring the weights together above your head into shoulder press. Bring the weights back down, and step back into your starting position. Remember to alternate your legs during the exercise.

Lunge with shoulder press

Plank arm reach

Starting in plank, bring the weight up to the shoulder, then twist your body and reach the arm straight up. Reverse the move by bringing the weight back down to the shoulder and then placing it back on the ground. Light weights are recommended, as the shoulder is involved.


Downward dog crunches

Starting in downward dog, lift one leg up as high up into the air as you can. Holding the core strong, bring the same leg up between your hands, while also moving your shoulders right above your wrists. You can do this for 30s then switch legs, or alternate legs throughout the 1min.

Downward dog crunch

Chair to crescent pose

Start in chair pose making sure the weight is in your heels. Then, step back into lunge, keeping the arms straight up into the air. Remember to alternate legs, or do one leg for 30s then switch.

Crescent pose to chair

Side plank crunch

Stack the feet and ensure your wrist is right under your shoulder as you get into side plank. Reach one arm right over your head, lift one leg up off the floor and bring the elbow and knee of the extended limbs together. Repeat for 30s before switching sides. This move can also be done on the knees.

Side plank crunch


Get into a crouching position and thrust your legs backwards. Land on the balls of your feet and be careful not to hit your knees on the floor. Keep your core tight and lower your pelvis, but don’t let your back arch. Then, jump back into your original starting position. If 1min is too much, then switch to stepping back instead of jumping back when you are feeling tired.


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