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So you’ve made a commitment to exercise, and you’re really proud of yourself! Well done!

But – are you sure it’s really a commitment? Are you sure that when things get busy, exercise isn’t going to be the first thing to drop off the list?

I want to share something with you:


A recent client story

This week I had a client message me to let me know she has a very busy week and needs to reschedule our session to the week after. At first I didn’t think much of it – after all, we all have busy lives!

But then, I realized something really important.

Her life got busy and what was the first thing to drop off the list?


Here’ the thing: you will have a crazy week 2 weeks from now, and then again next month and guess what? Christmas is coming and there will be more crazy times ahead.

So when exercise is the first thing to drop off the list, you have a problem.

The thing is, this is so common that even I had a hard time identifying what was happening in the client story above. Yup, sure, makes sense, things get busy and something needs to drop. There’s always next week. It’s only when I took a moment to analyze things deeper, did I realize what was going on.

So what happened? The client and I had an honest chat about commitment and she ended up making her session after all!

Keeping this story in mind, I want to spend the rest of this article talking about three strategies that I have found to be the most effective in increasing your chances that you stick to it once you’ve made the commitment to exercise.


Schedule it!

Commitment to exercise - schedulingThis sounds so simple that many people will just roll their eyes at this advice, but here’s why you need to do it:

  • You may need to shuffle other things around to make your workouts – scheduling things around your workouts is crucial
  • You may realize you over- or under- estimated the number of times you were available to work out – this gives you a reality check
  • You are mentally accepting that you are going to be working out X number of times in the next week – the mind is a powerful thing!
  • We forget! “How many times did I say I was going to work out this week? How many times did I work out already?” Let’s face it, most of us can’t even recall what we ate for breakfast, and the last thing we need is yet another thing to keep track of! By scheduling, you no longer have to think about it.

Put your workouts in your calendar just as you would any other event or meeting.

To give you an example, here’s how it works for me: I typically aim to do a class with my husband 3x per week, and hit the gym 2x on my own. By scheduling, I know exactly what dates and times we will be working out together, and which days I need to be in the gym. Or, if he is only available 2x this week, well then I know I need to be in the gym 3x to compensate. See how this works? Nothing is left to chance.


Find external accountability

If you find that you are consistently falling off track, being accountable to someone will help. This is partly the reason why I find couples who train together are more successful long term than individuals.

External accountability can take many forms:

  • Your spouse
  • Your best friend
  • Your trainer

It’s really important that whoever you choose as your external accountability person shares the same values as you. You don’t want to be sharing your workout experience with someone who binges on Netflix and hits the drive-through every day.

Part of my role as a trainer is to serve as that accountability resource for my clients. This is why we set weekly goals together and I check in with you periodically to see how you’re doing. Our sessions serve as an extra push, while checking in keeps the momentum going.


Come up with plan B’s

It’s inevitable that things will come up that will mess with your perfect plan. As a project manager, I was taught to just accept this as a fact. BUT – accepting it doesn’t mean you don’t do anything about it! Quite the contrary – you anticipate the obstacles and work around them.

In project management speak, these are called contingency plans. In more normal terms, they are called your plan B’s.

So what are your obstacles? Here are some of the more common ones I encounter, and some proposed plan B’s

  • “Something came up” (scheduling conflict) –> do a shorter workout, or incorporate activity into that new “something” that came up
  • “I get lazy” –> schedule your workouts and find an external accountability person
  • “I’m too tired” –> Do a more gentle workout, go for a walk, or just stretch! You can also opt for a bubble bath, 10min of meditation, going to bed early – or all three! This still counts as self care!
  • “I’m not a gym person” –> join a class, buy a home workout DVD, or hire a personal trainer to come to your house

Notice how “I don’t have enough time” is not part of the list? That’s because if you consistently don’t have enough time to exercise, then it’s very hard to say you’ve made a “commitment to exercise”. You either carve out the time, or do what you can while you wait for better days.

Note: I find that clients often get stuck when I ask them to list their obstacles and come up with plan B’s on their own, so don’t be surprised if that happens to you. Coming up with a solution may be tricky, but it’s imperative that you come up with one that works for YOU. So start with the list above, but tailor it to things that you are actually willing to do!

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Making a commitment to exercise is the easy part – sticking to it long term is a different matter altogether! Use the strategies above to help keep yourself on track. And if you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to ask for help! This is why I exist 🙂


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