Before I get more into this topic and why it’s an awesome idea, I wanted to tell you about something really exciting!

Due to popular demand, I have recently decided to add a new service to my repertoire: couples personal training packages! It’s an exciting milestone because traditionally my focus has been primarily on one-on-one training. However, the more I thought back to my own personal experience (after all, I got into fitness by working out with my hubby) and also observing other couples’ experiences, I realized that this is a an excellent approach to fitness that I would like to offer to my clients!

Here are some of the awesome perks you get as a couple when you train with me:

  • training plan designed to challenge both you and your partner
  • exercises that will make both you and your partner feel successful
  • 40% partner discount
  • personal training sessions delivered to your home (or building gym)

You can learn more about this by visiting my couples personal training page. And now that I’ve shared that exciting news with you, here are 5 reasons why couples fitness training makes sense:


You get to spend time with each other

Couples personal training - spending time togetherIn today’s crazy world, it’s harder than ever to find the time to be together as a couple. You both likely need to work full time, cook, clean and that never ending pile of laundry never seems to disappear! I get it.

But when you schedule your sessions, you both need to be present and the couples I train love their sessions for this exact reason. It forces people to coordinate their scheduled and show up.

After spending 1hr together in the gym, you’ll have so many things in common: you both just did an awesome workout and are full of energy, you’ve learned some new stuff and the next day you’ll both be just as sore. Plus while you’re training you get to see the bum of the other person while they squat! Bonus! 😉


You motivate each other and are more likely to get results

Lack of motivation is a huge barrier to exercise. Most people are quite excited to start an exercise program but it becomes increasingly hard to stick to it as the days, weeks and months progress. Working out with a partner is an instant boost of motivation: when you don’t feel like working out, your partner will drag your ass off the couch and vice versa. Making excuses to not work out becomes that much more difficult – which means you are more likely to stick to your program and get results!

There’s also nothing like seeing your partner outperform you when it comes to fitness! When I train with my husband we always compare the number of reps and if I get more: GIRL POWER! 😀 Then, to get back at me, he squeezes out 2 or 3 extra reps.



You plan together

Drink your water!One of the things I love the most about couples that I train is their ability to start planning their schedules around their workouts. This is huge!

People who have time to exercise don’t have more time than anyone else – they prioritize!

When you’re on your own, something else can get in the way. But when someone else depends on you showing up otherwise you’ve just screwed up their schedule too, you really need to have your act together.

And it goes beyond just fitness. The couples I train go on to plan their meals together, go grocery shopping together, talk about their health and fitness and ultimately bond over this new found activity. Being healthy is a family thing – the more buy in there is from more members of the family, the more likely the new habit will stick.


You build your support system

One of the biggest challenges you can face when trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle is not having a support system. It’s so important to be surrounded by people who share in the same goals and interests as you. If one is trying to be healthier but the other keeps wanting to hit the drive-through it’s hard to stay consistent.

The biggest support system you can surround yourself with is your family. If your significant other is on board, they are your biggest asset in the quest to health. The truth is, being active and healthy is not easy – in fact it’s really really hard! And not always perfect. And if you do it on your own, it’s that much harder. Plus, if your significant other doesn’t understand why you’re exercising and getting healthier they are less likely to follow in your footsteps and more likely to be a roadblock – which is totally not what you want!


You celebrate achievements together

Couples fitness training

When you start getting results it’s not just a moment of excitement for one of you: it’s a couple milestone! It’s so awesome to be able to celebrate these things with someone! It’s meaningful and important and a testament to your resilience and commitment to succeed as a couple.

Also, there are lots of life lessons to be learned from fitness: lessons about patience, persistence and understanding that things won’t always be perfect. These are valuable lessons that as a couple you will only benefit from. Once you start to see results it means that you are also starting to learn all of the things above. And this too is a cause for celebration.



A final word…

Hopefully by now you’ve figured out what I want you to take from this: the idea of “togetherness”. Indeed, this is why I think couples personal training is an awesome way to go: you’re in it together and you’re in it for the months and years to come. And, to be honest, building these kinds of habits as a family is probably the single best thing you can do to ensure you all stay healthy for a long, long time!
So – if you haven’t yet considered training with your partner, give it some thought. And perhaps your next couple adventure should be exercising together! 🙂


Are you and your partner ready to take your training to the next level?

After beingMobile personal training skinny unfit for the majority of my life, I discovered fitness by accident once I became a mom and started working out with my husband. A couple of years later, I started Tone Every Zone out of an overwhelming desire to help other busy individuals and couples juggle a hectic lifestyle while staying active.

My mission is to teach people about fitness and work with them as a team to make long lasting lifestyle changes. My personal values include being professional, honest and transparent in all of my doings but also being funny and silly because that’s what makes life (and your training sessions) fun!

Every day I hear from tons of couples who are dying to get more active but they just need that extra push! Getting people started on a fitness program is what I love to do.  Check out my personal training packages and share your story with me so I can help you and your partner reach your fitness goals!