One-on-one training:

I’ve been working out with Irina for six months now and highly recommend her. We’ve played beach volleyball and hopscotch, gone running and stair climbing, done weights and circuit training, and yoga and meditation. She even ran my first 5k run with me!

Irina is a master at making great use of whatever space is available. Most importantly, Irina takes the time to really get to know you and I’ve never felt like “just another client”. She genuinely cares!

– Kathy Wagner (52), Founder and Principal, Content Strategy Inc

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Misa Atagi

I was looking for a personal trainer that would come to my home as I am rather shy and don’t do well in large groups. My goal was to gain muscle in my lower body and build core strength so I would be able to do more vigorous activities like completing the Grouse Grind. Irina was wonderful, full of encouragement and she is realistic with what I needed to be doing. I was also made to feel like an individual client as the sessions were set for my particular abilities and goals.

In a few weeks, I have noticed a difference in my body and I have Irina to thank for that.

– Misa Atagi (60), Hiker and Knitting Expert





Mihaela - Social Media_0004

Irina is a fantastic trainer who knows what she’s doing and works hard to put together appropriate routines for me. As someone who works upwards of 70 hours a week, I love her flexibility and commitment to being there for me when I am available. She’s even created a whole new branch for her business because of me and my travels, which consists of online training – she does an amazing job even miles away and works to “tone in every time zone” 🙂 Great personality, knows her stuff, and gets you results.

– Mihaela Van Idour (25), MD & Resident Anesthesiologist






Couples training:


Testimonials - couple trainingIrina is fantastic! My fiance and I signed on with a couples package and do most of our workouts together – I love how Irina gets both of us to workout with similar exercises, but she still tailors them to our individual health concerns. She’s very encouraging and is able to keep us motivated without scare tactics.

Irina is always adding new exercises and keeps our workouts interesting. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer!

– Kare Jacoba (50), Marketing Consultant & Randy King (56), Lineman, BC Hydro




Couples training - Maryann and Sue

We highly recommend training with Irina! We’re doing the couples training and are very impressed with how she has customized our workouts for what we need and our busy lives! Do it, you won’t regret it!!

– Maryann Charbonneau (57), Manager, Destination Auto Group & Sue Charbonneau (54), Service Manager, Key West Ford








Professional testimonials:

Professional testimonial - Michal Ofer

Irina’s approach to life, learning, herself and her clients is to always ask why and look to understand the topic at hand. From a nutrition perspective, Irina has always questioned, challenged and searched for deeper meaning and actionable comprehension of how food and the digestive tract relate to optimal physical function. It is clear this is a process she takes with her into every aspect of her life and those who work with her are fortunate to benefit from her inquiring mind, ever seeking knowledge to improve on what she does and how she coaches.

– Michal Ofer, Certified Health Coach & Functional Nutrition Consultant, [BETTER] – A Medical Center For Complete Living (




Professional testimonials - Brenda Adams


Irina is not your typical Personal Trainer! While lots of Personal Trainers love to learn, what makes Irina stand out is that she takes what she learns and turns it into practical lessons she can teach her clients. She challenges the status quo and always looks for better ways to do things, or to help her clients. She is curious, seeks to understand and is fully dedicated to helping her clients be at their best. Irina puts the unique needs of her clients first, always. If you are looking for someone who will listen to you, who will work with you to create a lifestyle plan that fits you and who will always put your best interests first (not her ego or her profit), you need to talk to Irina.

– Brenda Adams, M.Ed., B.Sc. (Kinesiology), CPCC, Co-Founder of the Personal Training Collective (www.




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