I believe in transparency, so I want you to know the first steps we will go through together, from the moment you decide to reach out to me, through to starting with me as a client.


What to expect:

1. You come across who I am and what I do. You visit my website to learn more about me. You learn about my philosophy and my beliefs, and they resonate with you, so you decide to reach out to me to see how we can work together.

2. We schedule an initial consultation. This takes the form of a video call, or simple phone call. Prior to our chat, you fill out my needs assessment, so I can learn more about your current health status, and needs.

3. We chat. You tell me about yourself, and I listen. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and ensure we will be a good fit. If you are dealing with some serious health issues, we might need medical clearance from your doctor before we can do certain things. We discuss all of this together.

4. You decide if you are ready to move forward, and we schedule your first session

5. When we see each other for the first time, we’ll go through the following:

  • Paperwork: liability waiver, PAR-Q form, personal trainer/client agreement
  • Health assessment: heart rate, blood pressure, weigh, and girth measurements – if you are not comfortable with some of the measurements, we won’t do them!
  • Postural assessment
  • Cardio test, to establish your current cardiovascular baseline
  • Strength testing to establish your current proficiency with basic exercises

6. Your homework after the first session will be to:

  • Think about what you want to do in your life: I challenge people to dig deeper than their “fitness goals” and look at what’s truly important to you! Your fitness will then become a part of that
  • List things that can come up that may get you off track, and brainstorm plan B solutions
  • Think about areas in which you want to become better (they can be fitness/nutrition related…or not!)

7. The second session and beyond:

  • We discuss strategies and commitments you can make, based on what’s a priority to you
  • We go through a variety of exercises, based on what you want to work on; you get to keep all of your workouts
  • We plan, re-evaluate, and re-strategise as needed to help keep you on track – you are always in control of the commitments, and changes you decide to make!

And there you have it! That’s how I roll! 🙂


Ready to get started?


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